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What Defines Abacus Consulting?


Integrity is a key value for Abacus Consulting. We are dedicated to treating your files with discretion and professionalism. Using an established set of internal procedures, we respect your organization’s policies and way of doing business.

What Defines Abacus Consulting?


Our entire team is at your disposal at all times. By choosing Abacus Consulting as your financial partner, you have constant, direct access to the people in charge of your file, be it the account manager or other employees.

What Defines Abacus Consulting?


Our advice is developed and customized according to each specific client. Our goal is to create a comfortable experience with effortless collaboration. Our clients immediately notice and benefit from the vast added value of our high-quality, personalised services.


Abacus Consulting specialises in the outsourcing of business management, no matter your requirements. We help enterprises (private, public, or nonprofit sector) manage and accelerate necessary changes when faced with inadequate skills and resources within the company.

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Setting up your business

Notaries, tax consultants, accountants, auditors, lawyers… the creation of a new company or subsidiary requires a range of specialized skills – even more so when you enter a new market. Abacus Consulting offers the best advice at every step of new business implementation.

Establishing and managing your business

We want to help you grow your new company. We can assist you in making your business a permanent establishment by helping you set up a registered address, furnish offices, and source the appropriate administrators . Our expertise can also ensure your new business is in compliance with local regulations

Accounting and Reporting

It is more and more common for companies to outsource their accounting. Abacus Consulting specializes not only in general business accounts, but can also oversee your daily administration and reporting.

Legal administration

Every business has a lifecycle – yours included! Companies are configured and can be liquidated. Maybe you’ve merged two companies, or you want to simplify a group structure. Abacus Consulting can help you go through any difficult legal process as your business evolves, ensuring effective implementation.

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Tax Declaration

4 raisons d’embaucher un conseiller financier pour votre déclaration fiscale

  La préparation de votre propre déclaration fiscale peut prendre beaucoup de temps, être stressante et compliquée. Encore pire, votre situation financière et vos investissements peuvent changer drastiquement d’année en année, ce qui signifie que même si vous avez déjà compris comment déposer votre déclaration, vous pouvez avoir soudainement besoin de conseils spécialisés.   Il […]

Tax Declaration

4 Reasons to Hire a Financial Consultant for your Tax Declaration

    Preparing your own tax declaration can be time-consuming, stressful and complicated. Even worse, your financial situation and investments can change drastically from year to year, meaning even if you previously understood how to file your taxes you can suddenly find yourself needing specialised advice.   It’s important to make sure your tax declaration […]

Obligations renforcées en cas de détachement au Luxembourg

Obligations renforcées en cas de détachement au Luxembourg

Le Luxembourg impose des obligations plus sévères aux entreprises étrangères qui détachent temporairement du personnel au Luxembourg. 1. Base légale pour la déclaration préalable de détachement Toute entreprise, établie hors du Luxembourg et souhaitant détachant un ou plusieurs travailleurs au Luxembourg, est obligée de faire une déclaration préalable auprès de l’inspection sociale luxembourgeoise (ITM). Cette […]

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