We’re happy to announce our inclusion on Clutch’s recent 2019 report of top IT & business services providers in Belgium! Our business strives to establish trust and integrity between our team and clients, so we’re thrilled to be recognized along with other talented companies on Clutch.

In the consulting industry, forming credibility with potential customers and clients alike is crucial.  That’s why we love hearing feedback from those we’ve worked with. Clutch emphasizes the importance of this, gathering insight and reviews to present accurate, verified information to businesses looking for a service provider. We’re ranked highly on their directory for top accounting firms, showing we’ve been established as a trustworthy provider in that industry.


One of our clients left a detailed review on Clutch, speaking to the effectiveness of our collaboration. Like we’ve said, trust and integrity are key for our business, and we love to see the honest, detailed feedback from our clients like the one below.


Whether it’s providing accounting consulting or bookeeping services, we’re dedicated to providing transparent, long-term solutions for businesses.


Like our CEO says, we’re always “empowering companies to leverage accounting” as a way to help them succeed.


Along with this recognition on Clutch, we’re also pleased to stretch our visibility using Clutch’s sister-sites. Looking at The Manifest, which features top firms for a variety of industries, you can find us. The Manifest provides relevant, up-to-date information on the state of tech and top-performing companies to find business partners, so we’re happy to be featured there.


The other sister-site, Visual Objects, helps potential buyers find a provider using a porfolio-style site to showcase more creative firms around the world. All of these platforms emphasize transparency in showing businesses the best options for their needs, reinforcing our priority of integrity within our services.


We strive to do things differently from our competitors, and valuing our client’s trust and feedback has helped us earn recognition for these efforts. If you want a trusted, reliable partner, contact us today.

About the Author

J’ai lancé Abacus Consulting en décembre 2008. Je propose mes services de consulting et d’intérim management en comptabilité & fiscalité. Des missions de consulting : Trouver des solutions à une problématique client. Des missions d’intérim management : Remplacer un cadre supérieur en comptabilité & fiscalité et/ou en légal au sein d’une structure existante, pour un temps déterminé. Suite à un congé de maternité, de maladie, absence temporaire ou simplement pour mettre sur pied un nouveau projet,… Apporter mon expérience, offrir un regard extérieur à une société afin de pouvoir apporter des solutions différentes et répondre aux demandes de mes clients. Mes clients sont des multinationales, PME ou des indépendants ainsi que des professions libérales. Chaque mission est un nouveau challenge auquel il faut répondre rapidement et efficacement ! C’est ça qui me plait ! Vous pouvez me retrouver sur Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin