Corporate Finance

We combine in-depth financial expertise to assist the CFO.

The role and responsibilities of the CFO have evolved dramatically. Once limited to the finance function, the CFO is now, more than ever, a strategic partner responsible for value creation throughout the company. We have the expertise to help CFOs transform the finance organization, develop portfolio strategies, make key investment and financing decisions, and communicate with investors.

Are you looking to grow your business or buy another company? Are you looking for additional capital to realize your plans or accelerate your growth? Or maybe you want to be accompanied in the sale of your own company? Whatever your strategic challenge, you can be sure that Moore Corporate Finance is ready to help you.

Our process-based approach is always tailored to your specific situation and combines the necessary commitment and experience with in-depth financial, tax and legal knowledge. We take a 360° approach to your requests, which provides a strategic and operational dimension to our working method. Finally, our international network opens the doors to success. It goes without saying that we always work discreetly and as a team with your other consultants. We realize complex takeover and investment projects together with you.