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You must have an EORI number to trade with countries outside the EU (also called third countries). This number is based on the business number. In the coming weeks, the AGD & A will proactively issue an EORI number to 20,000 companies and inform them individually about this. This information will be done via an individual mail completed by telephone follow-up for the top 5.000.


If you are already trading with third countries, you will have to follow the same rules with the United Kingdom after the final exit from the United Kingdom. If you do not have experience in importing and exporting, we advise you to contact qualified external companies. This can be, inter alia, a customs representative.


For larger volumes, it is advisable to provide an accounting and a software solution including a customs module.


Each import and export must be accompanied by a customs document which must be sent electronically via the PLDA system of the Belgian customs. Customs representatives and logistics service providers can do this for you.

Customs will check if the information on the customs documents matches the contents of your shipment. These controls can be based only on documents but also on tools such as scanning. A certain percentage of shipments will be subject to a complete physical check. During such control, you or your representative must be able to assist the services

customs officers. For example, the verifier may ask you to exit, present, and open certain packages from your shipment.


Some goods, think of food products or military equipment, can only be imported or exported if the customs declaration is accompanied by the necessary authorizations. A container must also be degassed for the safety of the person presenting the goods and the customs.


If irregularities are found, for example if the type or quantity of goods differ from those of the declaration, your shipment can not be released.


Customs authorizations simplify the process, allowing the temporary storage of goods or giving the possibility of working on duty and VAT suspension. Existing authorizations will have to be extended to the United Kingdom if necessary. New authorizations will have to be requested in time. You will find via the ‘Product sheets’ page the types of authorizations concerned and how to request them.


If you use an authorization, there is a high probability that your goods will fall under a suspension system. This means that the duties and VAT will not have to be paid until the end of the scheme. For that, it is necessary that a guarantee or guarantee is constituted with the customs, this can be done in different forms. The simplest is in cash but the most common is what we call the global guarantee.

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