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Steps interim manager

Steps interim manager

Before step 1: Defining the Issues

Understanding the challenges and business goals is critical to ensure that the transition of management is the best solution. To understanding all of the issues we will make a detailed report  that will allow the firm to calibrate the best transition manager to achieve the mission. The writing of a specification is the result.

Before step 2: Validate the choice of the interim manager
This second step is for the transitional cabinet to validate the interim manager’s skills and motivations with respect to the specifications written in step 1. The interim manager validates the issues with the cabinet, deepens the specifications and accepts the mission. The manager should always have a high level of technical and practical experience of the work performed during the intervention. It is not uncommon that the manager is busy in his career of general management functions. This selection stage is crucial to the future success of the mission.

Before step 3: Evaluate the issues that need to be fixed
The exchange between the client and the interim manager must allow the firm to determine the outline of the procedure and to determine the main issues.

During Step 4: Start the transition mission
The first 10 days are key for the mission because it is well known that the first impression left by a newcomer in a group of people is difficult to change. The action plan for synthesizing a list of topics or issues to be addressed and actions to be taken, to call those responsible for these actions and set their deadlines. This will happen in those first 10 days. It is also a way to put everything in order and to show the teams that the situation is getting started and that the mission is on track.

During Step 5: Measure the progress of the mission
His interventions are marked by notes of results in terms of the engagement letter written by the makers of the company or organization. Measuring the progress and steering are often the key to success.

During Step 6: Conclude mission and ensure the handover
The intervention of the interim manager is defined on a mission. The average length of assignments is between 6 and 18 months. Also, upon arrival, it must provide and ensure continuity. The return marks the end of the delivery and allows management to take over peacefully.


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