Financial Services



Companies are outsourcing accounting more and more. Abacus Consulting does not only do your account but also your daily administration.

At Abacus Consulting, we understand VAT and fiscal representative legislation inside and out.

We’re here to help you understand whether you need a fiscal representative in Belgium and are ready to carry out that role if necessary.

At Abacus Consulting, we love seeing our clients succeed. We want to help you establish and grow your company.

For hassle-free tax services, look no further than the experts at Abacus Consulting.

The creation of a new company requires a range of specialized skills – even more so when you enter a new market.

Every business has a lifecycle – yours included! From writing air-tight contracts to consulting you through legal processes.

Discovering and understanding what financial aid opportunities are available to you or your business is not always easy.

Our business is taking care of your business