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Our Tariffs

Starter Pack

77.4 EUR / hour
Know your current financial health / Basic Consultancy
Writing letters, faxes, emails,...
Filing and numbering of documents, preparation of expense reports
Third party searches for missing supporting documents and supporting documents
Imputation and computer coding of purchase, sales and financial invoices


124.12 EUR / hour
Financial organization / Business advisory
Business owners are seeking out your knowledge of business and strategy. Ask a business owner about the future and the chances are you’ll struggle to get a word in. Take advantage of their passion and drive to help both of you push the business forward.
Financial Health Score
Status of Goals
Know your current financial health
Status writing, monitoring, controls and assistance


155.97 EUR / hour
Consulting, research and analysis
Written consultations
Accounting advice (analysis of writing, creation and organization of accounts, consolidation,...)
Tax advice (strategy, optimisation, legal research, etc.)
Management consulting (definition of analytical, financial, budgetary and internal control,...)