Intérim Management

A flexible solution and a structural management tool.

Interim management is a flexible form of executive staffing, typically employed to manage a range of business critical issues. It has, over the years, become a structural management tool for shareholders, boards of directors, management committees and human resources directors.

In general our clients are looking for an immediate response to their operational needs. The interim manager is able to bring just that solution: he/she will assist the client in coping with a wide variety of circumstances. Whether dealing with crisis or turnaround management, transition management, project management, assistance during start-ups or any other challenge, Abacus Consulting is capable of quickly finding the right candidate to do the job.

Compared to internal resources facing such challenges, interim managers have their vast experience to bring to the table. Having lived similar situations in their past assignments, they are better prepared to anticipate on any pitfalls or problems before they show up. On top of that, experienced interim managers use their experience to make quicker judgment calls. Their “outsider’s view” adds objectivity to any management discussion and they’re free from existing allegiances and perceptions.

Interim Management Assignments

Functional areas in which we execute Interim Management assignments – both on a national and international level – include general management, finance, HR, operations and supply chain, IT, sales and marketing.

Typically, Abacus Consulting’s clients are a mixture of large and medium sized organizations, active in a variety of business sectors ranging from manufacturing, sales and distribution, services, telecom and high-tech, to public and semi-public authorities.
If you are self-employed and feel attracted to a career as interim manager, you can register on our website. We are constantly looking for candidates to expand Abacus Consulting’s network of Interim managers

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