Brand Since 2008


Established in 2008 by Philippe Roose, Abacus Consulting has developed a reputation for always going the extra mile for its clients. It is leading the way when it comes to expert record management and corporate consulting.

Abacus Consulting is unique in its philosophy. When it comes to our tailored financial services, we take a collaborative approach, ensuring we coordinate and exchange ideas with you every step of the way. We see every new client relationship as an opportunity to not only help, but to teach.

We specialise in complete business management, always learning and keeping on top of industry best practices. Our years of experience allows us to confidently guide our clients from business establishment to ongoing, day-to-day financial and administrative management.

Our Values!


We treat all clients with discretion and professionalism, ensuring their policies and way of doing business are well respected.


We are dedicated to responsiveness, providing clients with constant, direct access to the people in charge of their file


We customise our advice to each specific client’s needs, creating a comfortable experience with effortless collaboration

Why trust us with the financial management of your business?

  • Because we do things differently.
  • Because we are dedicated to working together to find suitable long-term solutions for your needs.
  • Because we are a small company with an extensive network, meaning you benefit from a range of experience without getting lost in a crowd of clients.
  • Because we truly care about your business and its success, not just your money.