Formations Académiques

Description about Our Training!

At Abacus Consulting, we believe there’s always an opportunity to learn something new. That’s why we believe in not only providing our clients with the resources to get the job done but also the tools and knowledge needed for long-term success.

We offer training in the areas of Leadership, Communication, Project management, and Lean manufacturing.

We also offer life coaching services, guiding you to identify your goals and your next steps towards success.

Particularly for start-ups and growing businesses, it is important that your entire team have a consistent, harmonious direction. That’s why our training services are available to both individuals and groups, no matter your industry or business size.

Some Of


Many people have innovative ideas and the will to make things happen. That is not the key to success. In order to truly succeed, one must have the ability to fully involve and direct one’s employees.

There are no born leaders. Luckily, leadership can be learned. At Abacus Consulting, we view leadership as a skill that should be honed by all employees, not just high-level managers. Our leadership training is designed to bring out each individual’s unique leadership qualities, regardless of their management experience or their level in your organisation.


Good communication is the foundation of any organization. While it seems so simple and intrinsic to human nature, many times the perceived message is often not the message we wanted to convey.

Business errors, including wasted time and interpersonal conflict, too often are the result of a lack of or poor communication. Our communication training focuses on helping your employees avoid these errors, saving your business time and money.

Project management

Mindful project management is crucial, from point A all the way to point Z. Mistakes can have lasting negative repercussions, so it is important for project managers to be rigorously organised.

Our project management training is useful for both new and experienced project managers, offering new insights into the management of time, budget, and resources. We offer clear, actionable takeaways for the entire team, no matter their level of involvement.

Lean manufacturing

Cutting back does not always mean sacrificing quality. By understanding the lean approach to manufacturing, you can begin getting rid of anything that fails to add value to your business.

Through lean manufacturing training, we provide you with the tools you need to discover and eliminate your businesses’ waste so you can focus on delivering the best service or product possible for your customers.

Life Coaching

As our lives become busier and busier, we often forget to stop and find time to orientate and direct ourselves. A life coach can help you discover how best to invest your talents and overcome obstacles standing in your way to success. Our one-on-one life coaching services allow us to focus exclusively on you: your problems, your opportunities, and your potential.

Our training is great for

  • Developing new skills
  • Preparing to launch new projects
  • Bringing new energy and focus to long-term projects
  • Enforcing team integration (for new and old employees alike)
  • Offering guidance for employees in times of change
  • Strengthening teamwork and community participation
  • Making sure everyone is on the same page